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Data Workflow

Omics Batch Correct

OBC (Omics Batch Correct) evaluates and corrects the omics data for specific batch effects, aiming to obtain reliable and authentic omics data.


Omics Machine Learning

OML(Omics Machine Learning) allows users to upload data and set various parameters related to their desired machine learning algorithm. OML is not require extensive programming skills or knowledge of various algorithm models to build machine learning models.


Omics Integration Analysis

OIA (Omic Integrate Analysis) is a comprehensive online statistics analysis tool for Multi-Omics and Omic-Clinical Association Analysis.It is a cutting-edge tool designed to empower users in conducting multi-omics and omic-clinical association analysis.


Expression pattern clustering analysis

Unveil intricate biological data patterns with advanced soft clustering analysis for precise insights into gene expression, protein profiles, and metabolic pathways.